Published April 21, 2017

Why Should Parents Record Keystrokes in Children's Social Media Apps?

Social media is a good way to connect with loved ones or re-build relationships. It has become a platform for people who long for companionship and indeed made the world we live in, smaller. Communication has been enhanced so that relationships are strengthened. The creation of these sites is to enable different nations to have an access to, and appreciate various cultures. As for children, social media is a place where they can play around, communicate with friends, and have their unique identity. But what makes social media dangerous for kids? And as a parent, what can you do to make sure your child is safe while using it? Luckily, parenting has been taken to a whole new level as well. There are apps that allows parents to monitor their child's activities are now available in the market. These apps allow parents to record keystrokes to be fully aware, in detail, of their child's interaction with social media apps. How Does Recording Keystrokes Work? A keystroke corresponds to the every activity made in a device – every movement and every word typed, and these can be recorded by a third party app. In recording keystrokes, everything is logged in an app to monitor activities, password input, and pasted words. The most important thing a keystroke recorder logs in is the apps password. All the passwords typed in can be recorded, even those words in hidden mode or covered by asterisks. Why Should Parents Record Keystrokes in Children's Social Media Apps? 1.Security. The parent would be able to monitor the activities of their children by having an access to their online personal accounts. They can check all the keystrokes recorded in the device together with the password. Because of this, they can know whether their children may be doing something wrong or see a potential person that can inflict harm on their kids without them being aware of it. 2.Parental control. Since the parents now have their children’s passwords, they can see what their children put up in their profiles and who are they talking to using their social media accounts. Some apps that offer a password key logger include the iKeyMonitor. It even has the option to recover deleted chat conversations and a lot more. 3.Have a backup copy of their children’s online account passwords. Children tend to forget passwords if they rarely use their accounts. So to avoid having their kids from being locked out from their social media accounts, they can give the password to their kids to change or to completely delete the accounts they seldom use. It is better to remove rarely used accounts than to leave it on the World Wide Web hanging around, inviting fraudsters to use them to trick other people. What Are the Other Advantages of Recording Keystrokes? Recording keystroke is not only beneficial to parents, but it is also something that can give a huge advantage to employers and managers. By adding this feature, they will be able to monitor the activities of their employees on the issued devices - whether they are using it solely for business and not for a personal matter. In iKeyMonitor, there’s this feature where certain keywords are banned and once typed in the monitored device, will send a notification to the manager’s email account so catching lazy employees become easier. Recording keystrokes and passwords are just some of the advanced features that a security mobile application has. Though it is developed basically with the best intentions, be mindful of what are considered ethical and allowable. After all, privacy still matters to each and everyone.
Candy Watson